Your hair must be no shorter or longer than 1⁄4"-1/2”.
If hair is too short, the treatment will not work.

If your hair is too long and your esthetician has to trim you, there will be an additional charge.
Do not exfoliate the day before, day of, and day after.
Avoid sun tanning and hot baths before treatment.
Do not shave 10-12 days prior.
Do not wax 2 weeks prior.
Do not sugar wax 3 weeks prior.
Do not use razors or depilatory creams in between
treatments, they disrupt the sugaring process and may
push your results farther from your goals:
healthy and soft skin, and lessoning hair growth.

Avoid sun tanning for 24-48 hours.
Do not excercise for 24 hours.
Do not take hot baths or shower for 24 hours.
Do not exfoliate for 48 hours. After 48 hours, exfoliate
2-3 times a week. It allows future sugaring treatments
to run smoothly by removing dead/dry skin cells.

Keep your skin clean from prefumed soap, deodor-
ants, harsh lotions and chemical irritants for 24 hours.

Use fragrant free lotion and cleanse and moisturize
your skin regularly.
For best results, remove hair during the Anagen Stage
of growth 4-6 weeks after last treatment.